About Blockchain Foundation

The blockchain in an undeniably ingenious innovation that is evolving into something greater every day.

A blockchain facilitates secure online transactions. It is a decentralized and distributed digital ledger that records transactions across many computers in a way that the registered transactions cannot be altered retroactively. The use of a blockchain removes the characteristic of infinite reproducibility from a digital asset. This results in a robust workflow that allows the participants to audit transactions in an inexpensive manner, such that uncertainty regarding data security is marginal. A blockchain-based exchange of value can be completed more quickly, safely and cheaply than with traditional systems.

Blockchain Foundation is a non-profit organization registered in Singapore, allowing it to register members, accept donations and operate in public interests relating to blockchain technology. Here at Blockchain Foundation, we pioneer revolution by bringing together believers, industry experts, investors and academia to explore the immense potential of the blockchain technology to solve real-world problems.


We partner top universities and research institutions to support development of the blockchain technology.

We organize summits, workshops and conferences that promote the blockchain technology.

We define the industrial standard and benchmark for organizations to be recognized as blockchain compliant.

We provide consultancy services to investors on the range of services within the entire blockchain spectrum.

We provide support for like-minded entrepreneurs to contribute to the breakthrough in blockchain technology.


Whether you are from academia, a business of purely a blockchain enthusiast, we welcome you in our vibrant community!

Please click here to view our membership scheme and contact us at support@asiablockchain.foundation today.